Jan 27,2021 ALCD Team

Biden Reverses Trump Ban

Biden has followed through with his promise and signed an executive order to reverse the Trump travel ban directed at Muslim majority countries. It is extraordinary how Joe Biden has stood true to his word and started the process of reversing some of the most controversial policies enacted by Donald Trump. 

Jan 25,2021 ALCD Team

EB-5 Program 2020 Recap and 2021 Projection

Here is a quick recap of the major changes that occurred in the 2020 fiscal year

Jan 17,2021 ALCD Team

Unsecured Loans for EB-5 Investment

The D.C Circuit court judgement has overruled United States Citizenship and Immigration Services policy and has allowed for unsecured loans to be permitted for prospective EB-5 investors.

Jan 13,2021 ALCD Team

Removal of Conditions on Investor Green Card

Once an EB-5 investor obtains their I-526 petition approval and subsequently their U.S. conditional green card they are considered a U.S. person. Their green card allows them access to unlock educational, job related and all other benefits associated with being a U.S. citizen. They however will not be able to vote or work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation until they receive naturalization. The conditions on the investors green card are meant to ensure that the new green card holder adheres to all the U.S. rules and regulations and the EB-5 program rules. After two years the investor can apply for removal of the conditions or their I-829 petition.

Jan 10,2021 ALCD Team

I-924 and EB-5 investors

The popularity of the EB-5 immigrant investor program is not only due to the great benefits investors obtain but also because of the flexibility the program allows. The investment model is not strict on a single route of investment and this allows the prospective investor to invest in a method that they are most comfortable with. Additionally, this flexibility speaks to the nature of the program mandate to be a true investment.