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Benefits of Filing EB-5 Petition with an EB-5 specialist

Immigration can be daunting, the application processes can be tricky, the paperwork can be excessive,and the terminology is confusing. In general circumstances foreign nationals use immigration lawyers to assist in their immigration applications. The EB-5 immigrant investor program works slightly differently. As the investor is required to invest $900,000 into a U.S. approved project they need an additional person to their immigration attorney to assist in facilitating the process.

The requirement for the investment amount is the cornerstone of the candidates EB-5 petition. It is pivotal that investors participate in a program that not only meets all the requirements set out by The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) but  also that the project is valid and has great chances of succeeding.

Acquiring services from an EB-5 specialist ensures that prospective investors are assisted at every point of the application.

  1. The specialist will align the investor with the relevant projects to invest in,
  2. They will check the quality of the projects available. They will look at the project’s capital stack, projections, and business proposal.
  3. The specialist will only send the project to the investor once they have checked that the project’s projectile is positive and meets all USCIS requirements.

Additionally, as the EB-5 specialist has experience in filing petitions they will align the investor with the immigration lawyers which they are comfortable with and have worked with to ensure quality delivery of services. The EB-5 specialist acts as an active guide for the investor through the program from inception to completion. Their main role in the application is to ensure that the investors application is completed to the highest possible standard, the investor is exposed to projects that have a high potential of success, and that the investor received their U.S. green card and residency as soon as the system allows.

A good EB-5 specialist will know exactly what they are doing and how to get over any immigration hurdles investors may come across in their journey. Therefore before investors start their filing process they must look at the track record of the specialist they want to work with. For instance our director, Shai Zamanian has been operating out of Dubai for over 7 years and has a 100% approval rate. He has filed the most EB-5 petitions in the region. This is information investors must look at and ensure that they can verify the validity of it.

We are a team of U.S. licensed lawyers who specialize in the EB-5 program. We have been in the immigration industry for over 7 years, assisting families obtain their U.S. green card and residency from the GCC region. Our company the American Legal Center, operates out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is ready to assist you start your journey. Contact us today 

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