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Biden Reverses Trump Ban

Biden has followed through with his promise and signed an executive order to reverse the Trump travel ban directed at Muslim majority countries. It is extraordinary how Joe Biden has stood true to his word and started the process of reversing some of the most controversial policies enacted by Donald Trump.

The travel ban which underwent various amendments came with it varying degrees of restrictions to the Muslim majority countries for obtaining U.S. visas and citizenship. While admittedly the core reason for the implementation of these restrictions was never supported with accurate evidence for its  need, the latest policy in  2018 was approved by the U.S. Supreme Court. Countries such as Yemen, Syria, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania etc. were directly affected, some from as early as 2017.

Throughout Biden’s presidential campaign he was vocal on the discriminatory nature in which the travel ban perpetuated and he emphasized the importance of retracting policies that imply blanket racial and religious discrimination. The executive order signed by Biden is the first step to amending what Trump did  wrong. It is the initial step toward ending discriminatory bans restricting access to the U.S. and the protection of human rights.

While this a momentous achievement for the world and U.S. history it is important that Biden and Congress look toward enacting legislation to ensure that the next President does not reverse Biden’s executive order. Measures must be put in place that will ensure the enactment of policies are done so with reliant on strong evidential support that they are necessary for the protection or progression of the United States. The U.S. must ensure that no other president will contain the power to make such a blanket ban in the future. The No Ban Act bill is currently with Congress for approval and will look to ensuring the protection against discriminatory bans.

As Biden has signed the executive order, he has merely started the process to lifting the ban. Families that have been affected by the travel ban and have been waiting for years to be reunited will have to wait at least until the COVID-19 travel restrictions have been removed. At this present moment the world is still grappling with the constant growth of COVID-19 outbreaks. The U.S. among other countries have commenced with the roll out of the vaccine however, this will take time for the world to develop herd immunity and or supply the vaccine to everyone.

Rescinding the travel ban is definitely a ray of hope for affected nations around the world. As our firm, The American Legal Center, operates out of the Middle East and Africa region we see first hand how important it is for people to feel included and accepted. Working in the immigration field makes you aware of how people want to be accepted for who they are and be afforded the ability to travel anywhere they want whenever they want. Our clients are hardworking people that want to build a future for their children in a country that they know possess great opportunities. We are beyond elated for the lifting of the travel ban, and not only us but our potential clients. Since the talks of the reversal of the ban we have seen an increase in the number of inquiries we receive and on the day Biden signed we received even more calls. This is a clear indication that people have hope in Biden’s presidency and that people still want to move to the U.S.

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