The American Legal Center will provide active guidance throughout the EB-5 migration process which will include:

  • Providing a free consultation with U.S. licensed lawyers in our offices in Downtown Dubai and answering any preliminary questions about the process
  • Pre-qualifying clients to ensure they are the right candidate for the program
  • Provide examples of qualifying EB-5 investment opportunities for investors to consider for their migration process. Generally, the projects provided will be from project sponsors who have completed their previous EB-5 projects successfully and have a track-record of repaying back their investor’s principal of $900,000 on time.
  • Act as the single point of contact between the client, attorney of record, and the Regional Center, and the U.S. Government (USCIS).
  • Ensure the timely processing of all government applications, Form I-526, DS-260, I-829 and others.
  • Provide updates on the client’s pending government approvals and attempt to expedite the approval process to the extent possible and necessary.
  • Prepare clients for the U.S. Embassy interview in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Doha, Muscat or any other local embassy of their choice so that they can process their residency visas and ultimately their U.S. Green Card
  • We can provide additional relocation guidance, college enrolment resources, questions about obtaining government benefits, and other resources on maximizing your benefits as a U.S. person
  • As a general practice, we do not bill our clients on an hourly basis and encourage ongoing communications with our clients. We proudly treat each client as members of our larger family and welcome in office visits in Dubai, or upon request, we can facilitate visits to our partner offices in the United States as well. In some instances, our associates will also travel to neighboring GCC and other regions to meet with and assist clients.