What is the process to obtain lawful permanent residency through investment?

Filing of an I-526 petition, in which you, as the investor, must show:

  1. that you have the required funds;
  2. that the funds were obtained from a lawful source;
  3. that the funds have been invested; and
  4. that the investment meets USCIS requirements.

Once the I-526 is approved, you are eligible to apply for an immigrant visa at your nearest U.S. consulate (if you are outside of the U.S.) or for adjustment of status (if you are already in the U.S.). Once approved, you are given conditional lawful permanent residency for two years.

Ninety (90) days before the end of the two-year period of conditional residency, you must file Form I-829, to remove the conditional status by demonstrating that the required jobs have been created by your investment. If your I-829 application is approved, you are granted unconditional lawful permanent resident status, and are eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship five years after the initial grant of conditional permanent residence.

Our offices will actively guide you through the entire process and ensure your success.

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