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Free Seminar on United States EB-5 Green Card This Sunday August 6

WHAT | Free Seminar on United States Golden Visa This Sunday

WHERE | Dubai, Westin Mina Seyahi Hotel

WHEN | This Sunday, August 6, 3pm Sharp 

HOW | Click Here to RSVP and Reserve Your Seat

If you are interested in learning about obtaining the United States Green Card through the EB-5 program, join us at our complimentary seminar this Sunday, August 6 at 3pm at the Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina. Our team of U.S. licensed lawyers and professionals will educate you on the EB-5 program and guide you on steps to successfully file an EB-5 application. 

The EB-5 program provides foreign investors the opportunity to obtain U.S. Green Cards for themselves and their qualifying family members (spouse and children under 21) by investing $800,000 in a government pre-approved real estate project in the United States. The investment amount is eligible for return to the investor approximately five years after the date of investment.

Since the implementation of the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act (RIA) in March 2022, the EB-5 program has experienced a surge in popularity among residents of the United Arab Emirates and neighboring Middle Eastern countries due to its positive overhaul. The RIA introduced a new category of EB-5 visas called visa set asides. This new reserved category is faster in processing and provides families the ability to begin their lives in the United States without having to face long wait times. Upon filing their EB-5 applications, families can obtain authorization to live and work in the U.S. within months while they await the adjudication of their petitions. This process is called concurrent filing.

At The American Legal Center, our diverse and multicultural team is well-versed in the specific considerations that pertain to different nationalities. For Indian or Chinese nationals, we offer support in utilizing the newly introduced category of reserved visas. Iranian nationals can benefit from our Farsi-speaking advisors who can provide guidance on the application process and address issues unique to their nationality, such as fund transfers. Additionally, we extend our assistance to individuals of all other nationalities, leveraging our wide-ranging background and extensive experience in the EB-5 industry.

The seminar is an excellent opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of the EB-5 program. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session during which time attendees can receive personalized insight regarding their concerns.

Due to limited availability, it is essential to reserve your seats for the event. To RSVP, please contact our team at +971 52 446 6095 or our Farsi-speaking advisor at +971 52 112 3786. Doors will close promptly at 3:10pm. If you are unable to attend this seminar, please contact our team to register your interest for our next event or to set up a one-to-one complimentary consultation in our offices in Downtown Dubai.

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