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Immigrants Positive Impact in the United States

A report published by the Hamilton Project looked at uncovering the extent in which immigrants positively impacted the U.S. economy. This report, although published in 2010, resurfaces at a pivotal time in the American history as the Biden administration is currently reversing various immigration policies that look to make America more accessible to foreign nationals.

It has been widely perpetuated that immigrants take jobs from American citizens, rely on social grants which are meant for U.S. citizens, and that allowing open access to the United States will harm the economy and risk the U.S labor market. On the contrary in the recent years many studies and statistics have been undertaken to indicate and prove that immigration actually allows for the U.S economy and the labor market to grow.

The caliber of immigrants that arrive in the U.S. range from those that are low skilled workers to those that are considered to be high skilled workers. The low skilled workers come into the country and perform the work most native U.S. citizens do not want to do. Their jobs complement the work of U.S. citizens, for example gardeners will assist landscapers, farmers assist U.S. farm owners which in turn strengthens the agriculture industry. Then on the other side of the spectrum you get the industries that rely on high skilled workers such as Silicon Valley. These multi billion dollar Fortune 500 firms need external talent for their businesses to continue thriving and being active contributors to the U.S. economy. Evidently this proves the need for immigration in the U.S. the need to see the value and the positive contribution provided by immigrants to the country.

A retrospective analysis of the history of U.S. and immigration policies will show that the U.S immigration policy has always reflected what is perceived as the needs of the economy. The EB-5 immigrant investor program is a prime example of the nation using immigration to boost the economy and labor market. The program was enacted by Congress to aid both the U.S. economy and the labor market through the program requirements. Evidently, this program has continued to be one of the pivotal contributing immigration visas for the nation. However, when the unemployment rate started increasing and the economy started feeling the effects. The nation leaders were quick to attribute this to the immigrants that were coming into the country. It was then decided that immigration policies needed changed to “fit the needs of the economy”, but upon close inspection it was merely a ruse to fit the political narrative of the day. This was most evident during Trump’s presidential term where immigrants were restricted access to the U.S. on the reason that they steal jobs from U.S. citizens or that they posed a threat to national security.

Immigrants contributed 15% to the economic growth of the U.S. between 1990 and 2014, in today’s times legal immigrants pay taxes and contribute to society. While there are many undocumented immigrants living in America those that have arrived in the country legally can be positive contributors to society.

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