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Should I Still Immigrate to the United States?

United States immigration policies have been under scrutiny since the Trump-era. Under Trump’s reign, policies were haphazardly changed and replaced with ones that seemed to be against the acceptance of foreign nationals into the country. It was an era filled with great uncertainty for all parties involved. The reality is that the interconnectedness of the world relies on the successful execution of immigration processes in all countries. We need the constant movement of people to boost global economies and increase cultural diversity. Whether these factors were of consideration by the Trump administration, we would never know, what we do know is that the Biden administration is doing everything in its power to make immigration procedures work again. Not only for America but work for all parties involved.

There is an evident shift in conversation regarding immigration to the United States. The talking points are no longer based on when the infamous wall will be built, how long certain programs will be available for, or even which country will be placed next on the travel ban list. People are now reconsidering the possibility of moving to the U.S. again. Without a doubt the fact that the U.S. is a first world country is the main reason that people make plans to immigrate to the U.S., Just in terms of economic scale, the State of California is the 4rths largest economy in the world — surpassing the entire country of India and The United Kingdom. With great scale, there’s ample opportunity for business enterprises and access.

The idea of having access to the best education, medical facilities and even job opportunities are the drivers for families to leave their countries. However, as the world changes people have started being more cognizant of whether certain areas will be beneficial towards their mental health and their families overall well-being. The questions  now are, would moving my entire family be progressive for their mental health? Is it worth it living in the United States with all its glory if our quality of life will be compromised?

A few months ago it would have been difficult to answer this question, there was simply too much uncertainty around immigration. However now, we can evidently see that the Biden administration is changing things for the better.

As either a green card holder or visa holder, living in the U.S. will provide your family with ample opportunities for their quality of life, education and careers. While there has been a few speed bumps as to the treatment of foreign nationals, positive changes are being implemented. The Biden administration is putting immigrants first and  ensuring that their well-being is taken into consideration, whether by repealing the travel ban, or reuniting families separated by ICE or even putting forward the No Ban Bill. There is evidence of a more positive America.

Additionally, the U.S. has a number of immigration programs that are beneficial to foreign nationals and their families. Programs such as the EB-5 immigrant investor program provide investors with multigenerational benefits and opportunities. Choosing to immigrate to the U.S via the program means securing the future for not only your immediate family but for your grandchildren and their grandchildren. The program requires an investment of $500,000 into a U.S. approved commercial enterprise and in return the investor receives a green card and residency for their immediate family. A U.S. green card allows investors to receive the same benefits as a U.S. citizen.

The E-2 Treaty investment program is also an ideal program for the young entrepreneur looking to bring their business idea or company to the U.S. To participate in this visa category, your country of citizenship must have a trade treaty agreement with the U.S. Under this visa category investors must invest between $100,000 – $250,000 in either their own business or an existing franchise. Investors would obtain a 2 year renewable visa for themselves, spouse and children. While this route is cheaper than the EB-5, it does not provide for permanent residency and a Green Card. it does also require that the visa be linked to the investors business.

Our team of U.S. licensed lawyers have years of experience in helping individuals and families apply for U.S. residency via the EB-5 program. If you are ready to start your migration journey with The American Legal Center of Dubai, contact us today for more information.

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