Citizenship-by-Investment Program

Vanuatu is an independent Commonwealth State, having gained independence from the UK and France in 1980. The country is located in the South Pacific and comprises of 83 islands, of which, 68 are populated and spread over 1,300 kilometers. Its proximity to Australia and New Zealand ensure close ties to the countries. Vanuatu’s natural beauty, abundance of fresh water, fish, tropical forests and breathtaking scenery as well as its small airports, marinas, yacht clubs and hotels all combine to make it an outstanding and growing tourist destination.

The four pillars of the Vanuatu economy are agriculture, tourism, offshore financial services and the cattle industry. The three main languages are English, French and Bislama. The local indigenous population are referred to as Ni-Vanuatu and mainly work in the agricultural sector. Since 2012 the Government of Vanuatu has introduced a number of various Citizenship-by-Investment programmes. The most recent being in 2017 and referred to as the Development Support Program (DSP) which was spearheaded by the Prime Minister. The DSP includes designated agents of Ni-Vanuatu descent of which RIF Trust is proudly associated.

Vanuatu Single Applicant Family of Four
Contribution & Service Fees 130,000 180,000
Due Diligence Fees 5,000 5,000
Sub Total USD 135,000 USD 185,000


The Vanuatu DSP Citizenship-by-Investment Program requires an applicant to make a significant financial investment into the country in return for citizenship for the applicant and his/her family. To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant must be over 18 years of age, meet the due diligence requirements and make a contribution to the Government of Vanuatu.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum personal net assets of at least USD 250,000
  • Clean bill of health
  • Clean Criminal Record from the country of birth and the country of current residence

Dual Citizenship

Vanuatu has no restrictions on dual citizenship.


Vanuatu offers numerous benefits for international private clients. Among others, there are no personal income, capital gains or withholding taxes. The sale of land is taxable as are share transfers and they charge VAT on local business transactions. They also impose import duties on local businesses.

Process Overview

A unique feature of the Vanuatu DSP is the fact an applicant must first pass the due diligence process before submitting the application. Assuming there are no areas of concern the typical time frame from the submission of the application to issuance of the passports is between one and three months.

Summary of Key Advantages

  • Visa-free travel to 131 countries including the EU, UK,Hong Kong and Singapore
  • No minimum presence requirements
  • Full citizenship with passport granted to main applicant, spouse and children
  • A simplified and efficient application process
  • Competitively priced program
  • A vast and beautiful landscape brimming with opportunity

Application Process

Month 1

Initial due diligence with both RIF Trust and the Financial Intelligence Unit. Sign client agreement, complete government forms and provide supporting documentation.

Month 2

Application submitted and reviewed.

Month 3

On approval, government contribution is made. Oath of Allegiance taken and passport presented at nearest Vanuatu mission.